A Practical Guide to Raising Children with Great Values

by BeNeca Ward

Learn more about the values and practices that were successfully instilled into American children for at least three generations that can still be used today...

Shedding light on the timely topic of how to instill great values into today's children, this book focuses on GETTING BACK TO THE BASICS of parenting and serves as a self-parenting and self-reflective guide for adults.  3RD GENERATION COUNTRY focuses on the lessons that were utilized for at least three generations and how they affect our day to day lives. Subtle and informative, this book infuses humor and wit as readers reflect upon their own experiences and are tuned into the experiences of others.  With chapters like, "Hold My Hand", "The Patience of a Pomegranate", "The Makings of a Man" and Family Ties" readers are in for a memorable illuminating experience as they read through 3rd Generation Country. As Ward states, it is never too late to mold America's children into kind, respectful and responsible adults.


"As children, we were not given the most but taught to appreciate the least."

"I learned how to accept the fact that everyone will not think that I am the most beautiful person; but just as I found beauty within myself, someone else would find beauty in me as well."

"Being neighborly" was...a bit like mandatory community service."

"A man's name was ultimately viewed as the mirror image of his legacy. It was looked at as something similar to a "bowl of life." Everything that he did during his lifetime was put inside of his name."